Tips for a good ChoreSwap

It's best for everyone if the ChoreSwap goes well. So consider the following before embarking upon your ChoreSwap.

Add a picture and some text.
A picture and some narrative about who you are, what you can offer and what you're looking for helps build online rapport and increase the chance of a successful ChoreSwap.

Define Expectations. 
Clearly define exactly what you can offer and exactly what you expect before the ChoreSwap takes place. Are you a qualified professional or just someone willing to help out? The more details you can both provide about the chores the better.

Are all Chores Equal? 
This really depends on the perception of the ChoreSwappers involved. It may not be helpful to try to put a value on the time or service provided, but rather understand how you will assist the other ChoreSwapper and the benefit they’ll provide you. If the chores still seem a little unbalanced, you can always discuss this with the other ChoreSwapper and come to an agreement. But make sure you’re both happy before you proceed.

Be Sensible.
Like many community based websites, may put you in contact with other people for the first time. It is advisable to exercise common sense and take precautions if necessary, such as taking a friend or letting people know where you are going.

Good communication ensures happy ChoreSwappers. 
Do your best to keep the other ChoreSwapper informed of any changes or delays which may affect them. We all like to be kept informed of what’s going on.

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