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ChoreSwap is a free website that aims to connect people to swap their chores, skills and services without exchanging any money. By using ChoreSwap you will meet new people and strengthen the community. You can even volunteer!

For example, are you a computer whizz but not great at gardening? Can you put someone's shelves up but need help with clothing repairs? Are you in need of a friendly helper, or can you help someone else?

Many people have something they can offer and something that they need in return. Anything from help with the shopping, help with a computer, dog walking or assembling flat-packed items, to a tennis or golf lesson, a reflexology session or simply companionship. There are over 80 different chores in six categories. It is recognised that some people may not be able to offer much, or may not need much in return, so 'Just a Cup of Tea' can also be selected.

When you sign up you can select chores that you may need help with, and chores that you may be able to offer in return. These can be added and removed from your profile page at any time. You can then search for people with compatible ChoreSwaps. If you think there's a match, you can make contact via the website.

ChoreSwap is designed for everyone to use, not just people who are professionals at what they do. So by offering a chore you don't have to be an expert but just someone who may be able to provide some level of assistance to help others.

Our growing community of ChoreSwappers and chores ensures you will be able to find someone in your local area who can provide you with help and who you can help in return.

ChoreSwap is free to join and free to use. It only takes thirty seconds to sign up without having to commit to anything, so why not give it a try? Don't pay, ChoreSwap!

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