Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sign up to ChoreSwap?

ChoreSwap is free to sign up and takes 30 seconds. By joining ChoreSwap you will join a growing community of people who are saving money and helping to strengthen the community. Why pay £80 for computer troubleshooting in a shop when there's someone local who could help you for a chore in return?

I want to sign up but I'm not an expert at anything. Does this matter?

No, ChoreSwap is for you! The emphasis is on helping other people out, not necessarily being an expert at whatever you have to offer. It is important to define expectations before you embark upon your ChoreSwap, so be realistic about what you can offer.

If I sign up, will other people see my personal details?

Other visitors will see your username, gender and the location you stated upon sign up. They will not see your real name, postcode or email address. If other users send you a ChoreSwap request, your email address will remain hidden until you reply.

Can I add additional Chores to ChoreSwap?

The website functionality does not allow users to add additional Chores directly, but if you would like more to be added, please email your ideas to and they will be considered for addition into the appropriate category.


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